Buying a new HVAC unit

New construction or need a new unit?

New unit considerations

Whether you need a new HVAC unit because you are building a new house or you are replacing an old or broken unit, there are several factors you should consider before plunking down your hard earned cash.


Obviously initial cost is important. We all want value for our money. Cost should obviously be considered but you would be doing yourself a disservice basing your decision on cost alone. In many instances, a cheap price means a lack of features, inefficient performance, and unreliable service. Talk with a professional before committing to a bottom dollar unit.

Size of the unit

Did you know that the square footage of your location is used to determine the proper size of the air conditioner or heat pump that you will need? A unit that is too small will strain to keep up with the demand and will probably cost you more in the long run to maintenance. A unit that is too big will be inefficient costing you more in daily operation. Getting the right sized heat pump or air conditioner for your situation is very important for upfront and long term costs. Consult a professional to get the best result.

Efficiency of HVAC units

An inefficient HVAC unit will cost you more in electric bills and maintenance as the years go by. Ensuring you get the most efficient unit possible should be a top priority when considering a new unit. A very helpful guide to air conditioner or heat pump efficiency is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER rating. Federal regulations mandate that a minimum SEER rating of 13 be achieved by all units. The SEER rating can go as high as 25. However, it is not as simple as choosing a unit with a higher number. HVAC professionals, like Southern Breeze, can help determine the right unit for your installation.

Installation cost

You will need a pro to install your new air conditioner or heat pump. Southern Breeze has many years of experience in new unit installation and will provide a free estimate of all costs. It’s another detail that we can help you with as you move towards buying a new HVAC unit.


A great air conditioner or heat pump is one we never think about because it just works. Not only are breakdowns inconvenient (no cool air in August!), but they also be costly. There are many makes and models to choose from. Features and technology change all the time. This is an area where our years of experience installing and working on all the manufacturers products will serve you well.

You can read the manufacturer’s marketing, but we are out there everyday and know the real world facts. We will use our knowledge to help you get a great unit at the best price possible. Promise.

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