Repairs & Replacements

Keeping your HVAC unit running smooth


Nothing lasts forever

Air conditioners break down on the hottest day of the summer. Heat pumps seem to fail only when the deep freeze has set in. It is during these times of extreme that we ask the most of our HVAC units. Unfortunately, it’s also the time when those units buckle under the additional stress and strain.

Southwest Virginia has four seasons

We live in a beautiful part of the country no doubt. We pretty much get the full three months of spring, summer, fall, and winter. We live far enough north that wintertime means snow and some years, plenty of the white stuff. We live far enough south that daytime high temperatures can run past 90 degrees for days on end. That kind of seasonal temperature change can make a HVAC unit work hard all year around.

Have a plan

You get scheduled maintenance on your car, get your teeth cleaned several times a year, and have regular checkups with your doctor. Your air conditioner or heat pump needs the same attention. Have your unit checked in the spring and fall to make sure you are ready for those more extreme seasons that follow. Southern Breeze will be happy to set you up on a regular maintenance program so your unit will provide reliable service all year round.

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